Singer/ songwriter Noelani McComb (21), also known as
Noelani Amara, is an alternative R&B artist from Chicago. Her passion for music has been evident since the very beginning. At an early age, Noelani was enamored with artists such as Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys, and others alike and how their music would sway the emotions of millions. Keeping the phrase “deep cries out to deep” close to her heart, the emotional depth of
their music is what called her. She knew she had something to offer from deep within her that could bring comfort and understanding to many.

With over 150+ original songs developed, and having original works on major streaming platforms. Noelani continues to write new music and is working abulliently on new upcoming projects. Now, more than ever she is ready to share her heart. She is building
a platform in the industry; being called a “hidden gem” by many who have heard her music and have worked closely with her. Relatability is her motto, and vulnerability is what she lives by. Love is a pillar in her music and is what she believes drives most emotions. She is not afraid of vulnerability and wants to use her music to take people on a journey. The up and downs of life is what shapes the experiences that she draws inspiration from. Noelani has very high hopes for the future. Her talent accompanied with her passion is a driving force. She has something to share and wants people to see her music as an outlet and escape. Her music is like therapy and her words are like medicine. Hoping that people can find the same healing that she found through music. “Sometimes words just aren’t enough, there are times when a melody can explain my heart better than my words can. And there are times when a beat can express my attitude with no words at all . That’s why I love music cause it speaks for me, when I don’t have all the words to say.”- Noelani Amara

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