Gmunns Project

The Gmunns Project

Celebrate artist and entertainers from all around the country and world to provide them a platform showcase their upcoming project or joint collaboration with Sweet Success Records. Currently the compilation is due to be scheduled in the first quarter of 2022. 

The Gmunns Project: Was created by Artist, Writer and Producer Gene Munns aka Gmunns who wanted to provide an outlet independent artist looking for a route to promote their upcoming project or a wait to Saxophone performances by the very talented and upcoming musician Mr. Jordan Bolds leads the way with two pieces as he performs a collaboration piece entitled “Summer Trails” followed by “City Road” both soon to make headlines in the Smooth Jazz spotlight.

Jordan Bolds: A little more about Jordan as he has previously opened up for gospel artists, Todd Dulaney and Marvin Sapp. He has also served as the opening performer for the Tampa Bay Black Heritage Festival in 2018 and 2020. Jordan has performed with multiple other artists in and out of the Tampa Bay Area.  He is part of the Sunday Crew/Konnected to Christ gospel youth/young adult band based out of St. Petersburg with whom he has traveled to various cities in Florida as well as Tennessee, and North Carolina. He has also performed with Keith Flournoy and the Posse, a live music group that caters to the more mature crowds, and performs on occasion with the Ethan Parker Band, a band out of Palm Harbor, FL. In addition to this, he participates with the Greatness Beyond Measurement Teen Idol program, an organization based out of Bradenton Florida, that showcases youth talent. He has a very humble spirit and enthusiastically extends himself as both a minister and performer at weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, family reunions, funerals, and other engagements.

Gmunns the artist and producer has created several projects and continues to write for others as music his love and passion


artist around the country. He has some of the hottest mix Jazz and R&B musix    In recent years, Queen AaMinah has established herself (“by the Grace of God”, she admits) as a Singer/Songwriter, Producer, Choreographer and Creator. She has toured the world and performed in Music Videos with top recording artists such as:


Most recently, the queen has been rocking Europe, the UK, South Beach, Scandinavia, the Netherlands and South Africa while on tour with Grammy winner Louie Vega and his Elements of Life band-MAW/Vega Records. Queen AaMinah has been the featured female vocalist with the historical Black Rock Coalition Orchestra (BRC) on the “sold-out” Finland tour with “The Keynoter”, highlighting music from the “Blaxploitation” film era, and in Paris for the Sons d’hiver Music Festival where they paid tribute to the God-Father of Soul, James Brown. The BRC is well known for paying tribute to various African-American and Latino artists throughout modern history. Queen AaMinah continues to be a member and featured artist along with the likes of Nona Hendrix of “LaBelle”, Coati Mundi, Bilal, Gordon Chambers, Kelli Sae, Sandra St. Victor, Reese and more. Having already achieved so much, she is a seasoned veteran who is both prepared and always looking forward to continued success in her performing and recording career. Often compared to artists like Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, India Arie, and the late, greats Sarah Vaughn and Ella Fitzgerald, Queen AaMinah carves out her own niche where she holds more than “her own”. Working on “Love Reigns” with her co-producer, Lionel Sanchez, Jr. of Transition Studios-NYC, had finally allowed her to be “free in the music”, she says. She also feels quite blessed to have had so many talented and well-known producers, musicians, and musical directors perform on her first CD project, including her live band she calls “The Reign”. “They all let me do my thing as well as respecting my abilities as a musician far more than many other musicians I’ve worked with before”, she states. “It’s not easy being a female in this male-oriented business”, but this dame’s got game. Get ready for her reign has come!

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