Gmunns Project

The Gmunns Project

Celebrate artist and entertainers from all around the country and world to provide them a platform showcase their upcoming project or joint collaboration with Sweet Success Records. Currently the compilation is due to be scheduled in the first quarter of 2022. 

The Gmunns Project: Working with independent Writer and Producer Gene Munns aka Gmunns who wanted to provide an outlet independent artist looking for a avenue to promote their upcoming projects on a worldwide format.  The concept was derived from creator and producer Gene Munns aka Gmunns Project to bring together independent musician under one label to allow artist to show case their talents to the world without having the main platform available to them.  The first musician was with Student, Saxophone, Writer and Producer Jordan Bolds on a Gmunns Project to build a compilation of his saxophone and Gmunns music to build two compositions pieces entitled “Summer Trails” followed by “City Road” both comprised of several different instruments  composed into one composition to create the Gmunns Music Project.            

Jordan Bolds     Working with independent musician and Jordan Bolds and producer Gmunns began their first project with him on a two piece as they perform a song collaboration piece entitled “Summer Trails” followed by “City Roads” both now available showcasing online at most digital outlets and playing on radio stations across the stations and around the world.

   A little more about Jordan as he has previously opened up for gospel artists, Todd Dulaney and Marvin Sapp. He has also served as the opening performer for the Tampa Bay Black Heritage Festival in 2018 and 2020. Jordan has performed with multiple other artists in and out of the Tampa Bay Area.  He is part of the Sunday Crew/Konnected to Christ gospel youth/young adult band based out of St. Petersburg with whom he has traveled to various cities in Florida as well as Tennessee, and North Carolina. He has also performed with Keith Flournoy and the Posse, a live music group that caters to the more mature crowds, and performs on occasion with the Ethan Parker Band, a band out of Palm Harbor, FL. In addition to this, he participates with the Greatness Beyond Measurement Teen Idol program, an organization based out of Bradenton Florida, that showcases youth talent. He has a very humble spirit and enthusiastically extends himself as both a minister and performer at weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, family reunions, funerals, and other engagements.

Gmunns the artist and producer has created several projects and continues to write for others as music his love and passion


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